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Sweetened coconut goodness!

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Weight50 g
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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28 reviews for Coconut Extra

  1. Kerry D

    CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THIS!!! stop reading and add this to your cart right now!!!! 100%VG, 18 strength 100% YUM. Tastes like coconut with a hint of sweetness but not so sweet that I can’t vape it ALL day!!

    ORDER THIS!!!!!! <3

  2. George

    Really really good… Period

  3. Kim M

    Really nice flavor…I mixed it with pineapple and made my own pina colada!!!

  4. Rachel P

    I love coconut flavours, so this is an automatic hit for me. I do wish the flavour was stronger on this one, and if it came in a double strength, I would buy it right away. The coconut is sweet and smooth, could easily vape this throughout the day.

  5. Eduardo X

    My first ejuice that I vaped till the very end and I am re-ordering it again right now! One of the best juices on here. Get it at 12- 70/30, you won’t be disappointed!!

  6. Kim D

    Pure sweet tasting…it is an ejuice that you will enjoy
    vaping,like a coconut cocktail…sweet,sweet,sweet.

  7. Mark M

    Love this one, its just like eating coconut candy, can vape this one all day and not get tired of it. I wanted to try this mixed with chocolate, but I vaped it all before I got the chance. Definitely need to get more.

  8. Michael T

    Good tasting coconut flavour vape, it taste exactly like the title says.

    It’s highly recommended to anyone who loves candy flavoured vapes.

  9. Ahmed B

    A little too much soapiness or some type of flavor that sets off the candy in the coconut. Other than that it’s a great vape for midnights…so sweet.

  10. Jacinda C

    When I first tasted this one, I didn’t love it. However, the more I vaped it, the more I loved it, and I found myself craving the taste of it. This rapidly became one of my favourite flavours. I highly recommend it to coconut lovers out there.

  11. Frankie B

    One of my favorites! Sweet coconut flavour that doesn’t taste artificial.

  12. Nic L

    Nailed it again! Tastes just like Coconut candy. Very sweet.

  13. Cassie

    Its alright but definitely not my favorite. It does taste like coconut but there seems to be a weird secondary flavor that’s pretty off putting for me. Will not be getting this one again.

  14. Sam

    70pg/30vg 12mg, I did not like this one too much. Like another reviewer said, I get a soapy aftertaste. Was’nt too bad as I did reload my tank 2-3 times to make sure my protank head was optimal, but it’s not for me.

  15. rye h

    disliked this one did not enjoy the flavour at all

  16. Steve

    Totally random purchase…so confident with Canada E Juice I went for the 30ml straight away…LOVED IT! What a nice sweet flavour, nice clean vape and great either on its own or mixed with a splash of mint or fruit juice.

  17. Thimothé L

    I didn’t find it either good or bad but I will not purchase it again. It does taste like coconut but muted and not really sweet enough to be considered candy. Ordered it in 70-30 12mg and vaped on an eVic at different wattage. I couldn’t find its sweet spot for flavour though I had a good vapor production.

  18. derek R

    taste good but not a all day vape for me

  19. Laura

    This is defiantly one of my favourite vapes. It tastes just like coconut doesn’t have a fake flavour at all.
    5 stars!

  20. van p

    i like it very good taste…ty for recommending this to me

  21. Paul Lefneski

    I agree that it taste great on its own or mixed with double chocolate.

  22. Lewis

    Great taste and vapor. Mixes well with Banana bonanza!

  23. Neil

    Smooth island flavour. Great for mixing with various other juices. Great to have a bottle on hand.

  24. Elisa

    Just ordered this and I LOVE it! The taste is fantastic. Kind of like a coconut cream pie with a little roasted marshmallow at the end. It’s sweet but not too much that it’ll make you sick. If you like coconut flavoured desserts you’ll love this. Definitely ordering again!

  25. Vic

    This one taste like real coconut candies. Very smooth. I like using this flavor in the evening.

  26. Nat

    Not bad but like some other reviewers said, it has a little soapy taste. I would say that the after taste reminds me of cola flavor mixed with a little bit of burnt taste. Not my favorite but hey!, everybody is different. I am more fruity.

  27. Rena

    It’s really sweet and yummy!! I’ll definitely buy this one again!!!

  28. not very good

    you puff it and wonder if that was even the coconut candy taste you could have ever imagined. its definitely not. then you get the marshmallow aftertaste that makes u think u just ordered marshmallow. dont like marshmallows. i like coconut and marshmallows actually. i just dont like this.

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