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Rich and minty flavor.

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72 reviews for Choco Mint

  1. Thi Phuong Trang P

    I’ve always liked AfterEight chocolates and this ejuice tastes exactly like that! Dark chocolate with a cold minty flavor. What else can I say? I love this ejuice.

  2. Eric O

    Needs work, I think; the mint came through perfectly, but to be honest what was supposed to be chocolate was rather more reminiscent of woodsmoke? Certainly an interesting experience. Perhaps I simply had a bad batch?

  3. TimothΓ© L

    Chocolate Mint – 70PG-30VG – 6mg, used with Joyetech eCab
    Amazing flavour and feel. It is like having a dessert by smoking. The minty taste is not too strong, can be felt in the throat as a cool breeze. The chocolate is present in mouth and flavourful. My friends really liked it too. It really feels like those mint-cholocate-sticks.

    I will definitly buy more of this one.

  4. Richard G

    Tried the "Chocolate Mint" – 70%PG-30%VG -30mg version of the mix.
    I was quite impressed with the flavor. It does remind me of After Eight chocolates. Except the chocolate flavor is less dark and closer to milk chocolate to my taste buds. It’s absolutely wonderful after meals as I get a taste of desert and a mild hit of nicotine (12mg). Perfect! I’ll try the 100%VG mix on my next order.

  5. Sosan F

    I really expected more chocolate favor in this e-juice, it is somewhat lack of it. However, the mint came thru quite nicely. This one will not make it to my list for reordering, lot of other favors to try…..

  6. Gerard R

    This one really surprised me. I didn’t quite know what to expect. It tastes exactly like an AfterEight chocolat mint. Perfect vape for after a meal. I wouldn’t consider it an all day vape but it’s still quite good.
    70/30 12mg. on a Vivi Nova.

  7. Peter B

    I found the mint slightly overpowered it a little. But not bad.

  8. Amanda M

    This could be a bit more chocolate tasting but still a very nice flavor. I’m just not a huge mint person so I’d like a bit more chocolate flavor to it. However nice to have for a change.

  9. Jasdev K

    Someone mentioned that it was a lot like After 8, and they were right in their review. Tastes exactly like how I imagined, and there’s nothing better than getting what you paid for.

  10. Rachel P

    This was my absolute favorite (so far! many others to try) As others have said, it tastes like eating an after eight. So if you are a chocolate and mint lover this one is a must try!

  11. James H

    Im not a menthol minty fan for my vape but this reminded me of after eight choco mints haha, not bad as a treat for those menthol lovers

  12. WITOLD S

    i liked this one, being a fan of both mint and chocolate
    but just like someone said the mint is a bit overwhelming, could use a bit more chocolate πŸ™‚

  13. Nicholas C

    Have you every enjoyed a pep patty? This is what it would be like for a ejuice

  14. Nicholas C

    Have you ever enjoyed the Pep chocolate patties? Every wanted a e-juice like that? then do not hesitate to grab some of this flavor

  15. Jennifer M

    This one is a nice after dinner vape as it tastes just like an after eight chocolate. Not too strong, nice and mild flavour. Great to mix with irish cream or bavarian cream.

  16. Nick B

    I am a big fan of the mint, this is a nice treat!

  17. MH C

    This was my first try at any menthol mix flavour and it was not a hit with me. I’m glad that it’s a hit with so many people- I seem to only enjoy fruit flavours.
    The menthol taste was bang on but overpowering; only a few vapes would make my mouth go chill and ‘numb’ and not the sort of vape I would enjoy as a daily flavour… add the combined taste of chocolate flavour but it was lacking; I could hardly taste it.

  18. Kel F

    This is one of my favourites!! I also love mixing it with the Banana Bonanza. Excellent vape!!

  19. Heather W

    I really enjoyed this flavour. Can vape it on its own or mixed with the double chocolate. yummmm

  20. Antoine C

    Nice flavor πŸ™‚ good throat hit, vapor and taste. After eights are good πŸ˜€ tried 70/30 0.6mg this is a flavor that i wouldn’t grow tired of.

  21. Trevor P

    I absolutely love this juice! From experience though, I come to the conclusion that darker coloured juices such as chocolate, coffee, etc. ruins my atties. Shortly after vaping darker liquids I start getting a burnt taste and the flavour is greatly compromised. For this reason and this reason only, I am not buying any more darker liquids unless they come out with some sort of cleaning solution for atties that work better than the now suggested methods.

  22. Jon R

    18mg 70/30 – As everyone else seems to think, this does taste like after eight mints. The mint is very strong and in my opinion, it could be lessened a little to bring out the chocolate flavour. It’s nice and smooth, probably thanks to the mint flavour, I really enjoy this after dinner! This Juice is very good, just be ready for the minty blast!

  23. Pete A

    Not especially chocolatey or minty. Edgy TH. Thin vapour @ 70/30. Not even sure whether this is worth mixing.

  24. Kevin W

    Another great vape from Canada e juice. The mint comes through stronger then the chocolate but the chocolate is there noticeably. I run this one in my Kanger T2 and the smoke is huge 70/30 mix or 50/50. Clean taste great smell. Customer service is always tops with Canada e juice.

  25. MH C

    100% VG 18mg ; not the best vape I’ve had but I’m partial to fruit flavours. I found the chocolate taste to be almost non-existant and the menthol way overpowering. I pretend it is just menthol.

  26. Corey S

    this one is my favorite, it’s like smoking a chocolate bar. i highly recommend this one to chocolate lovers.

  27. Shawn U

    First choc. juice I’v tried and i really liked it. I’m not a menthol fan but this was pleasant to vape.

  28. Luc V

    Gr8t vape, nice little chocolaty flavor with just a hint of mint – still looking for my ideal chocolate fix though this is getting closer

  29. Desiree

    As delicious as mint chocolate chip ice cream. So amazing!

  30. Denise W

    We have the 20/80 (pg/vg). This one is odd. The chocolate taste is there, although mild, but the mint is non-existent. The smell is just like the old scratch and sniff or even a bit like tootsie roll. Try this, take a hit of Fresh Strawberry then a hit of the Choco Mint, makes the Choco Mint taste like a Coke Float!!

  31. George

    My brother got this one and I tried it and loved it….. Not too strong or overpowering…. It just right in my opinion…. I really like the taste

  32. attila v

    70/30 this one was an odd one. and here is why. On the inhale it tastes exactly like an after eight mint chocolate. On the exhale however its like hot chocolate with a weak mint. This was just my experience…. it could have been an off batch. That being said.. if you like hot chocolate flavour and chocolate mint. Youll really like it. Not an all day vape for me BUT a nice desert vape when youre craving something sweet

  33. Jennifer S

    70/30 18mg good th good vapes shuttle chocolate and mint flavor could use a little more of both flavors added but not bad good to vape still

  34. Felipe G

    Really enjoyed this flavour but as people have mentioned, I found it pretty mild. Didn’t find it as sweet as the butterscotch, but that may just be me. Still pretty good and will be keeping it in the rotation of juices I use.

  35. Matthew N

    After allowing this juice to steep for a week, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It is definitely as described, with a nice chocolate flavor with a hint of mint. Ordered at 50/50 and 18mg, I will definitely be ordering this again!

  36. Ryan P

    This one was an ok vape.. first time with a chocolate flavor for me.
    Definitely not all day vape.
    70/30 12mg

  37. Kerry D

    Tasty but a little too sweet to vape all day. Mixed with pineapple was a nice treat. Smooth vape for sure

  38. Daniel P

    Very pleasant vape but I think it needs a little more chocolate. Nice after dinner vape – very refreshing and sweet. I’d buy it again.

  39. Amanda R

    70/30 -this one tastes like a Tootsie Roll to me with no mint flavour. Is ok for a "once in awhile " vape but I don’t think I would reorder .

  40. paul

    A little weak on the chocolate and a real strong mint flavor, if you like an after 8 you will like it.

  41. May D

    My favourite !!! Love this flavour. Love the taste of mint and chocolate. A must-have for me.

  42. Lyndon A

    Not bad at all. Nice and smooth at 18 strength and no nasty after taste.

    Good solid flav and for sure you can taste both mint and chocolate.

    I was unsure about this one but it turns out to be pretty good. Will add this to my rotation of flavs that I like.

    Gave only 4 stars because there is still some room for improvement. The chocolate does not taste like a high quality milk chocolate like you would find in the PEP patties or Junior Mints….its more like hot chocolate powder but its good none the less and I will vape this until I can find better.

  43. Gary M

    Love this juice!!!!! Reminds me of after 8 mints!!!!
    Love it!!! Good vap and great great great taste!
    This is a everyday vap for me!
    5 stars!!!!!

  44. Luke G

    My Gf is a real fan of this one… not my style though – the flavour is spot on, I am just not a choc mint kind of guy.

  45. Tammy A

    I love this it has been my adv since I got my order!surprised me because I thought I preferred tobbaco but this is becoming my favorite.I only wish the flavors were a little bolder

  46. Rodger W

    70/30-18mg: The flavour seemed a bit milder than I was expecting. But, I do like the subtlety of the choco and the mint. It is not too sweet and the mint is not overpowering. A very good blend and mild enough for me to vape all day. I will be ordering larger bottles of this for a change from MLB.

  47. mark s

    Now we’re talking. This one is great. I can puff on this all day without getting tired of it.
    The minty-ness isn’t overpowering either.

  48. Jane

    I was excited to get this but when I tried it I couldn’t taste it at all

  49. Mikey Bikey

    Once again this is a flavor you must let steep before vaping. Many people in the comments below are saying "taste isn’t strong" you MUST open it and let it sit for 24 hours before vaping it makes a world of difference, this flavor is awesome!

  50. Brian G

    One of my favs. Great flavor. good vap. All day long for sure!

  51. shana

    This is one of my new favourite flavours! I find myself reaching for it more than half the time. It’s a perfect mix of chocolate and mint — not at all overpowering but nowhere near wimpy either.

    I got it in 100%vg and, while I really liked the massive clouds of thick vapour, it wicked a little too slow for my late night chain-vaping. I’m going to order it at the recommended 70/30 next time and see how I like them apples.

    At 12mg it had a bit of a throat hit but I’d recommend more nic if you’re into a throat punch.

  52. Hiwa

    As soon as I got my joytech 510 T I started trying the ejuices I got in the mail.
    So far I’ve gone through strawberry, smooth tobacco, canada north.
    I’ve stopped at chocolate mint atm with my catridge…MAN IS IT GOOD
    9/10 for sure.
    30mg 70pg/30vg
    now quitting smoking cigarettes.

  53. joy

    Just got this one and im not a big fan I was really disappointed I couldn’t Taste anything at all

  54. t.franco

    Nice tasting juice!! I’m very satisfied with the chocolate/mint mixture – great dessert vape! Not into dessert flavours on the reg, but this one is definitely one of the better tasting one’s compared to others I’ve tried.

  55. Bob N

    Really enjoyed this one. You can vape it all day, I never got sick of it. The first thing you taste is the chocolate, then the mint leaves a nice, cool aftertaste. Wish I got more than 6ml… will most likely be reordering in the future.

  56. Nick

    Not bad, but I didn’t think it tasted a lot like real chocolate unlike other flavors here that are really close to the real thing.

  57. mj j

    I have to agree with those saying too little flavour, and disagree with those saying you have to let it steep. I’ve had this liquid since September, and like all the liquids I got here, really low on flavour. I let them steep, all of them, a few days, a few weeks, no help. Bland boring, for those of us who used to smoke stronger cigarettes, like bumming an extra mild from a pal, like breathing. I’d buy a pack of smokes again if this was the only liquid I had with me. Thankfully, there are other suppliers. Though I found customer service here good, and the prices good, I need a good product to go with that.

  58. Mr.Smartiepants

    70% PG / 30% VG 18mg
    I have tried several juices from this website, including pina colada, strawberries and creme, as well as RY4 double. My all day go to juice would definitely be this one! I have to disagree with those that say it has very little flavour, as it is very tasty. The chocolate is pleasant and it is balanced with a hint of mint. I personally enjoy sweet juices, and this is one fits that profile. It is however, slightly less sweet than the RY4.
    I believe that others may be experiencing less flavour due to their atomizer/clearomizer. I am using an iClear 16 and it is phenomenal! I would definitely recommend this juice.
    Also, for this looking for a strong throat hit, at 70/30 and 18 mg, this is pretty smooth, so I would recommend a higher nicotine content.

  59. Sharon

    Quickly becoming one of my favorites!

  60. Dave M

    Nice liquid to alternate through the day with. I currently vape with this, RY4 Double, and Smooth Tobacco. The chocolate flavor changes depending on what other liquid I was using previously. The menthol flavor makes it smooth, moreso than the Smooth Tobacco. Also, everybody loves the smell of this one.

  61. Paul J L

    Delivery day, all I tasted was the mint, which was nice, but it was the chocolat that I was looking forward to. From what I’ve researched, the experts say that the richer and creamier the flavor, the longer it must steep…so I’ll do just that. Maybe by then my 25 year smoker’s tongue will have better taste buds to analyze all these flavors. All I can say for now is, if you like mint, you’ll like this one.

  62. Nikki

    Excellent flavour, one of my favs.

  63. Jay

    70% PG / 30% VG 12mg I was not going to order juice from here again had a bad experience with Butter Rum 50/50 but was in a pinch. I got this wow when i cracked the bottle the smell was spot on for chocolate mint i could not wait to try it. Now it my new top favorite will defiantly buy again and i might even try the Butter Rum again in a 70/30. I suspect the 50 VG added the off sweet taste i did not like. Great vape nice clouds on an EVOD.

  64. SC

    Got 50/50. I’m not tasting a whole lot of chocolate, or a whole lot of anything really. I don’t think I’ll be ordering this again.

  65. Kelly

    Fantastic! My mint chip ice cream in a vape. A definate re-order. A 70pg/30vg mix. Works

  66. Irene

    This one is my fav at this time!! Love the minty freshness and hint of chocolate. Guess kinda like an After Eight chocolate πŸ˜‰ Keep this one going. Ummm.

  67. Jamie

    I like this vape! it tastes like an after eight, not to much mint just enough chocolate.
    I vape at 3mL Max VG always nice cloud.

  68. Donna

    Been having trouble lately tasting my juice. Changed to a Kangertech sub mini and this juice was fabulous. Vaping max vg, 9 mg nic. Definitely a reorder juice. Love it t.

  69. J.S.

    I like this mostly, it’s not overly sweet. The mint in it is more of a menthol than a mint flavor, which can get a little cloying to me after a full tank. When I was a smoker, I didn’t smoke menthols, but I can imagine a former menthol smoker would love this. Again, the chocolate taste in it is not too sweet, just right, and compliments the menthol/mint nicely. I only do mouth to lung (Nautilus X and Endura T18), so direct lung hitters might get a different impression.

  70. Gracie

    Really like this juice. Nice, crisp, true flavour. Doesn’t taste artificial at all. It’s a sweet and fresh flavour, not over powering but still quite strong even with 15mg nicotine and using 1.8coil. Would definitely order again.

  71. shan

    One of my favourite all day vapes. The flavours are strong and distinct. I’m on day 20 without cigarettes today and this flavour is one of the reasons why.

  72. welshprincess2 (verified owner)

    When I started vaping 4 yrs ago I tried many different flavors of juice! Spent way to much money trying to find at least one I really enjoyed. One day I came across Chocolate Mint. I have never used anything else since then. At the time I was also introduced to caramel which I mixed with the choc mint also and I was “hooked” so to speak. What brought me to Canada E-juice was the fact that chocolate mint and caramel were no longer available to purchase ANYWHERE! I was devastated and thought my days of vaping were going to have to be over because there was no way I could continue experimenting and spending money trying different flavors to find another one I really enjoyed, when nothing else ever compared to my favorite. Until Canada E Juice πŸ™‚ I absolutely LOVE their Chocolate Mint and it is for the most part the only vape juice I use. It is also good mixed with another dessert flavor as well. Thank You Canada E Juice for saving my “vaping experience” please please dont EVER stop producing CHOCOLATE MINT! My absolute favorite juice. πŸ™‚ 5-star rating from me!!

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