Caramel Cappuccino



Caramel Cappuccino

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Cappuccino flavor with a hint of caramel. 

Not overly sweet, but just enough.


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Weight50 g
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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15 reviews for Caramel Cappuccino

  1. Paula R

    I just received my first package from canada ejuice and am very very happy with the fast service and great site!!!! This is one of my small starter bottles and was not in love with this ejuice….too overpowering even when trying to add something sweeter in…will not buy anymore. But am enjoying other flavors very much!

  2. Alex T

    Was not a fan of this juice. I tried to like it but i couldn’t. It smells delicious though but when vaped, it had a weird plasticy after taste.

  3. Timothé L

    I found this bottle which I had lost and it smokes better with an eVic than the eCab. I purchased it back in Frebruary. The taste of this juice is quite good, not too sweet. It has a good coffee flavour and makes a nice after meal vape. The caramel part of it is enjoyable. It has a good throat hit. It is not my favourite vape but is worth trying out in a small bottle. Moreover, it leaves a nice inviting smell when vaped.

  4. Shane D

    I had tried this juice with an ego-c twist, and a few different stardust atomizers and while I liked it, it wasn’t my favorite. Finding the right heat to vape at helped though and I found it tasted better a little hotter. Now with my ProTank and a SiD, this flavor has taken on an entirely new life and is of my favorites. You can really taste the caramel and the coffee flavors. People around also really enjoy the smell which makes it a lot easier to vape in public settings.

  5. Steve V

    One word describes it for me, nasty. Strong offish kind of smell and I agree with Alex T it has a weird plasticy after taste. I had to chuck it.

  6. Sosan F

    Not for me, not enough taste of either coffee or caramel.

  7. Bluemonsoon

    Not sure what the issue was with many here who gave it a bad review. Tastes great, delicious coffee flavour. Used in a Kanger Protank-II with an eVic.

  8. Warren S

    Honestly it is good after breakfast, but any other time of day, I find it way to strong of a coffee flavor, over powers the taste buds. Not one for me personally.

    PG/VG 70/30

  9. Paul L

    I agree that it taste like coffee but weak on the caramel a bit. What i would like is BLACK COFFEE.

  10. Brian G

    Smelled great and was excited to try this one. Was not a huge fan. A strong burnt coffee flavor

  11. Rita

    I found this was a very odd taste.. It was more like a candy caramel cappuccino. Not my favourite..

  12. Luis

    My wife says it smells funny but the flavour is PERFECT!! I LOVE THIS!!

  13. Michelle W

    A bit disappointed in this flavour. It’s flavour is a bit "off". I can’t quite explain it. Almost too sweet. It’s definitely not an everyday choice.

  14. Gracie

    Love this flavour. My vape tastes better than my morning coffee!

  15. spantrey

    At first it was alright but it was a second row choice . About a week ago tried it again and now its my goto choice .

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