Butter Rum


Butter Rum

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Sweet and bitter notes for a strong vape!

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Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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50 reviews for Butter Rum

  1. Michael K

    I’m a big rum drinker so I found this flavour quite disappointing. The smell definitely has a hint of rum, but not what I thought it would be.

  2. Nicholas C

    Found this is closer to tasting like a rum and coke more then anything. on a 18mg 70/30 mix the vapor was there but the throat hit was a bit weak

  3. Debbie S

    This one is very light but pleasantly so, nice in the evening with a coffee! VG 100%

  4. Linda S

    This is the best E juice I have ever tried. I am a seller of E Cigarettes and I can’t keep
    this on my shelves. My customers just love it !!!!!!!!!
    Bravo on this one.
    Linda Sharp

  5. Emil T

    tried a sample bottle of this and found I didn’t really taste much rum, its more of a sweet buttery flavor to me. It is also very light tasting flavor as well, which s what I don’t like.
    All and all not bad, but I have other favorites so ill be ordering them instead.

  6. Jordan

    Nice light, sweet vape. Very smooth. Maybe not an all day vape as the flavor tends go away after a few hours but very nice after dinner or with a coffee in the evening, as mentioned.

  7. Kim M

    yummy…..very nice flavor, great for after dinner with coffee. excellent vape

  8. Julio M

    really good juice , produce a lot vapor

  9. paul

    I found this to be very mild , rich butter and light rum flavor. I mixed it 50/50 with butterscotch , very nice.

  10. Lori V

    This is the best and got me through it all and still is……..I love it, especially in my new i tazte VV

  11. Jon R

    very nice juice. sweet and smooth, I was actually surprised that I liked this so much. I’ll be ordering this again, but it’s pretty sweet for an all day vape. Probably great blended with a bunch of different flavours. 18mg 70/30 pg/vg

  12. Kim D

    This is an interesting ejuice…for sure the smell is divine…taste is like a rich
    buttery flavour…nice & sweet…good throat hit…&…the sweet smell of rum lingures.

  13. Mark M

    this is a good candy flavour, not too strong, and not too sweet. Smells great too.

  14. Nick f

    I did not like this one as there was no taste to it and what taste I did get was weak. But I do have to try all of them

  15. nick p

    Very nice flavour…a bit strong but thats how I like it. Tastes just how you would imagine.

  16. Anthony T

    one of the best rums that I’ve tried. It goes best with Cola bottles just like rum and cola! 4 stars for this flavor.

  17. Michael T

    Excellent flavour, a little bit light for my liking but the flavour was awesome, not much of a chemical taste in it.

    Still amazing though, anyone who likes this product should try it out.

  18. Dawn H

    I really like the smoothness of this flavour. Tasted like candy. Mixed well with a mint flavour.

  19. Sharon H

    Tastes exactly like described – butter rum lifesavers! I got it in 18 mg/100 vg. A light taste when vaping. My throat is sore today and this is first flavor today not irritating it.

  20. wesley m

    was a nice flavor and was even better mixed with cola bottles really tasted like a rum and coke with each being 50/50 24 mg great for going out and having a drink with friends

  21. Curtis A

    Liked it, a little on the dry side though.

  22. Gabe

    Tried this one in 30/70, 6 mg, exactly as described, a bit like butterscotch, and a bit like rum, good job Canada ejuice!

  23. Jen M

    excellent flavour, rich and buttery, produces lots of vapour. Tastes just like a butter rum hard candy.

  24. Julian W

    I love this flavour! I received it as a sample and all I can say is thank you very much! The flavour is dead on. It’s a sweet flavour, but I am beginning to learn I like that with my vapes. It’s delicious! When mixed with other flavours like RY4 double, you kind of get the same experience as one of those brandy dipped cigarillos. Not the same flavour, but the same experience. It’s pure vaping bliss!

  25. Michael

    I truly love this flavor, so yummy! A lot of my friends enjoy it as well.

  26. Candy B.

    This was not the flavor for me, however I gave it to my neighbour and he loved it! We were ordering from another company and they have gone way down hill but that was his favourite flavor from them and he did say that this is much much better than the one he used to get!

  27. Josh M

    Very strong taste to it, and does taste almost like butterscotch candy, but mixing a bit of this with cola makes for a not bad mixture

  28. Chris

    This ejuice is excellent to vape with a cup of coffee (flavoured with vanilla/toffee/caramel creamer) in the morning, the ejuice vape compliments the flavoured coffee… a must buy ejuice if you enjoy a morning vape session and coffee.

  29. MichaelDC

    This one has a really smooth, natural rum flavor to it. Definitely order more of these in future orders.

  30. Yoalnda

    I thought Banana was my favourite…THIS IS THE BEST ONE BY FAR!!! this is one I will get over and over…the flavour is smooth and great for an all day vape!

  31. Mike F

    Didn’t really enjoy this too much flavour is too strong on the rum side.

  32. Kim G

    very strong taste, love it.

  33. Adam W

    This was a bit strong for me at first, but mixed with cola bottles it was like vaping a Rum N Coke. I was into that for sure!

  34. Lane s

    This is a good rummy taste. I really enjoy this one after supper

  35. Jordan

    Great juice, although more of a butter rum then captains spiced. Maybe a renaming could remedy that though.

    Very smooth, sweat and flavorful, not much of a smokey taste but lots of vapor.

    Tastes NOTHING like any spiced rum I’ve ever tried, and I’ve had a LOT of different rums.

    5/5 if it was called something else.

  36. Candy B.

    I order this for both me and my neighbour to try. It was not bad nice hit, smooth and had good flavor, just not the flavor for me! This is however my neighbour favourite flavor!

  37. Jeremy Woodland

    Just recieved this today, and really enjoyed it. I will be ordering a 30ml soon, could smoke this product all day.

  38. Slim

    Not bad flavor,not an all day vape for me but I did enjoy the taste, I would recommend this juice!!!

  39. Daniel

    Absolutely delicious… all day vape for me 🙂

  40. Lori B.

    I love this butter rum…….my favorite by far. I’ve tried quite a few different ones, but this is the one I go back to all the time.

  41. Lori B.

    perfect tasting vape. I love it. I’ve tried many other flavours and I keep coming back to the butter rum and caramel of course.


    not bad at all.. reminded me of the lifesaver.. not to sweet

  43. Duane

    Tried this one for the first time today. Very close to the Lifesaver candy flavor, certainly not too sweet. Really nice overall vape, it could become a favorite very quickly.

  44. Gabe

    Its alright, I prefer it when mixed with other flavors like Vanilla Cola. Its not my favorite but for sure worth a try!

  45. Kim

    I have found my new favourite flavour! omg <3 <3 <3 it!

  46. CMA

    This is my fave. It’s smooth, not too sweet, distinctly butter rummy, yet subtle.

  47. Kim from SK

    THEE best ejuice to ever grace my vape machine! I so love this flavour; reminds me of the Rum Butter flavour one used to be able to get from DQ many many years ago; or like others have said, the Lifesaver candy flavour. 50/50 or 30/70 is AWESOME!! (don’t know about 70/30 – haven’t tried that one).

  48. Chris

    Doesn’t taste like much of anything at 50/50/0MG. slight sweet taste. Decent vapour production.

  49. Henry M

    70pg/30vg 12mg – Couldn’t get use to the taste on this one.

  50. Susen

    This doesn’t taste like much of anything. I was hoping for that yummy rum & butter Lifesaver flavour, but all I taste is a vaguely sweet flavour. Disappointed.

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