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Not your typical BS!


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Weight50 g
Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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33 reviews for BS

  1. Michael K

    One of my favourites. Great butterscotch taste, different from caramel which I thought it would be like. I got 100% VG – a bit too thick so I’ll try the mix, should be perfect!

  2. Andrew V

    OK I just got this today and I have not stopped. This is so good! What more to say except 70/30 18mg/30ml DIAM!

  3. Jovelito M

    One of my favorites! It has a sweet buttery taste, produces tons of vapor and great throat hit! This will be a mainstay on my cart!

  4. Debbie S

    Nice butterscotch flavour, its sweet for sure but I am really enjoying this one, a definate re-order for me! VG 100%

  5. Corey S

    Does what it says on the tin.

  6. Tony W

    I thought this one was going to taste like the caramel but it doesn’t I found it was one of the stronger flavors on here great if you love butterscotch. Personally I like the caramel better but to each his own.

  7. Matthew M

    Mmmmmmmm this one was tasty. Lotsa flavour packed into this one. Nice n smooth, just like butterscotch is supposed to be.

  8. Pete A

    Tasty all by its lonesome, but why stop there? It’s even better mixed with Irish Cream. Pretty serious TH on this one. The Irish Cream not only complements the flavour, but smooths the edges.

  9. Patrick M

    Nice flavour.. One of my favourite and added as a daily vape… Nice ‘N’ Creamy…

  10. Ian M

    I was not expecting much but really enjoyed this one (6mg 70/30). Will be on the reorder list for me. Does taste like butterscotch

  11. perry d

    Extreme butterscotch, definitely for the serius butterscotch lover, good th, nice vape.

  12. Denise W

    We have the 20/80 (pg/vg). This one is ok. The smell is awesome. The flavour however seems to be a bit on the slim side. Good vapour and draw though!

  13. Irene N

    Awesome smell from the bottle but after tasting it I realized that I’m not a huge butterscotch e-liquid fan. It didn’t seem to have the creamy butterscotch flavour I expected it to have so I gave it to a friend who loves it.

  14. Nadia G

    Exactly what butterscotch should taste like. Gets a little too sweet to be an all day vape, but I enjoyed it.

  15. Jordan

    Very strong and true to life flavor, smooth with a good throat hit, if you like butterscotch you will like this juice.

  16. Felipe G

    Great tasting juice! Very sweet and true to the flavour but not an all day vape. More for an après-dinner aperitif.

  17. Jon R

    i thought this might be too sweet and get tiring, but its quite the opposite. i can vape this for most of the day before needing a change. i ve mixed it with a bunch of flavours and they all have turned out pretty nice. good vapor with this stuff, its a smooth vape as compared to some others

  18. Aaron C

    70/30 18mg: Not a big fan of this one. It hits the butterscotch taste right on the head though. It tastes exactly like those plastic wrapped butterscotch candies, but gives you the feeling your teeth are going to rot just the same. This juice is SWEET. Not just sweet, but sugar sweet. Way too much for me. If you like sweet or sugary juices, you’ll love this one. Gotta hand it to Canada E Juice though, 100% butterscotch taste.

  19. paul

    This is a very nice sweet tasting butterscotch flavor , i mixed a bit of caramel candy and it taste great.

  20. Sharon H

    This is absolutely my favorite juice so far! It really tastes like butterscotch candies. It’s not overwhelmingly sweet so I can vape it for a long period of time. Am re-ordering more!

  21. Mark M

    Awesome candy flavour, a little on the sweet side, but not too sweet. Could use this one a lot, but not an all day.

  22. Christopher

    This is a really good flavour if youre a fan of the butterscotch/caramel family of flavours. Can get pretty sweet over time, but balances out nicely with a tobacco flavour to up the nic and kill the sweet.

  23. Janelle T

    I love butterscotch candies, but the flavour of this juice is nauseating. Wish I liked this as much as the other reviewers. I was really looking forward to the juice.

  24. Michael T

    Excellent flavour, a little bit light for my liking but the flavour was awesome, not much of a chemical taste in it.

    Still amazing though, anyone who likes this product should try it out.

  25. Kim M

    Love this flavor alot. I will order this again. Great "smoke" and perfect for all day Vaping. Has a good butterscotch taste but not too strong.

  26. Luke G

    Delicious – great for after dinner.

  27. Candy B

    This flavor is great, I will defiantly be ordering it again! Love how smooth it is and for me there is just enough flavor.

  28. trishcandow

    Mild vape. Just sweet enough.great for all day.

  29. Rob

    definitely tastes like butterscotch but not an all day vape for me.

  30. Jen M

    Only subtle butterscotch flavour, not rich enough, too sweet.

  31. Yolanda

    I liked this one. In comparison to Butter Rum. I would have to say Butter rum for me is the best, for that butter flavour. It was still smooth and enjoyable. Will buy again.

  32. MissyAV

    This is a definite winner for me. I love butterscotch candies and this one smells and tastes like awesome butterscotch candy. Husband didn’t care for the smell of it so I vaped away from I would definitely order this one again. lots of vape in my ItasteVV 50/50 12mg

  33. Tamara Barber

    Loved this one, alone it is great, sweet but not sickly, could maybe use a touch more of that butter flavour but really is awesome.

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