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A Fresh Blueberry Taste.


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74 reviews for Blueberry

  1. Michael G

    I can’t believe no one has reviewed this one yet! This is a great flavor! One of my all-day vapes for sure. I get it in 12mg strength, 70/30 as recommended.

    If you haven’t tried Blueberry yet, give it a try! Definitely one of my favorites from this site.

  2. Julia M

    I tried the 18mg 70/30 and found it to be a little on the dull side. Not as much blueberry flavour as i thought. First couple vapes yes then the taste seems to disappear.

  3. Misti W

    12mg 70/30 and I loved this one as a blueberry flavor sweet and light flavor not overpowering but you can taste a nice smooth flavor!

  4. keith l

    Perfect blueberry. Taste is bang on. Not too sweet. No adverse flavours or after tastes. Just tasty blueberry.
    70/30 @ 18mg
    No steep.

  5. Silvio L

    I have enjoyed this juice immensely, it does really have a a great blueberry taste to it and will order this one again for sure. I vaped this one all day, every hit was perfect. I used this juice on an ego c and Kanger T2 tank.

    This will be on the list for re-ordering!

  6. suzannah r

    this one smells wonderful and its subtle enough to have all day. really good TH (12mg 70/30.)

  7. Dany S

    What can I say about this one? Tried 6mg 70/30, put that in my PV and the taste was so good! Sure I will get that one in every orders. Thanks again Canada E-Juice!

  8. Alexandre S

    O a realy unexpected good flavor. I made the try … cause I like to try stuff… probably in my top 5 for a long time… a must ! πŸ™‚

  9. Tim S

    excellent nices bluberry i have tried

  10. tracy

    Blueberry is one of my favorite flavours in general and this does not disappoint. It is one of my all time favourites, not too strong just perfect. I can vape it all day long and not get tired of it!

  11. Nathan W

    Very Nice. Not too cartoonish, very well rounded flavour

  12. Tyler F

    Very nice! Tried 100% VG; great natural flavor and very smooth. Not a super burst a flavor which actually makes it quite nice, making it an easy all-day vape.

  13. Frank H

    My favorite fruit is blueberry and this flavor did not disappoint. It will be in my regular rotation

  14. Debbie S

    Enjoying this one at 100% VG, vapes nicely and has a smooth taste, you can vape this one all day long!

  15. Jaycarlson

    70/30 12mg…vaped this all day yesterday and it was wonderful…flavour didnt come through very well on my 510T…replaced the tank with a clearomizer and this was absolutely delightful. If your looking for a mild flavoured vape and like blueberries, this one doesnt dissappoint.

  16. Joey M

    Really nice flavour on this one. Not too sweet and you get the nice blueberry taste. Tried it in 100% VG. Will probably order 70/30 next time though just because I find it has a better consistency. One of my personal favourites.

  17. perry d

    The best blueberry around, and i have tried about 4 others***

  18. Sandra S

    Subtle, smooth, and easy to vape indefinitely. I am ordering more.

  19. Matthew M

    This one was alright I found. Not as munch punch packed as I would’ve liked, but you can still taste the blueberry. Pretty refreshing.

  20. Dale W

    Great Blueberry taste. It’s not a light blueberry (which is good). It’s a medium to strong flavor. If you enjoy your fruit flavors, this one should be on your list to try.


  21. audrey m

    This was had a mild blueberry taste I just found the vape wasent that great off it, It felt very thick for some reason, Still it was the best blueberry kind I have had I have had numerous others just still not that over powering taste like I find with some other fruit flavor ones. I give a 3

  22. Heather W

    I dont find that this one has enough flavour. Id like it be more blueberry tasting.

  23. Ian M

    I found this a mild smooth vap. Enjoyed the flavour and makes a good change up.

  24. Tgcompletecc

    good flavour I recommend this one

  25. Laura M

    I loved this blueberry flavor! It was so delicious, great in the morning or evening. Also very good when mixed with a little of the coconut flavor.

  26. Sandra S

    I just ordered my second 30ml bottle of Blueberry 2.0. Best blueberry ever – no perfume – no artificial taste -mild -smooth -delicious.

  27. Diane F

    This flavour is mild still it is very good, I like it very much.

  28. Peter B

    At 12mg, 70/30 this was an interesting vape. I only got a hint of the blueberry taste but I have to admit my ability to taste nuances is quite limited. I did enjoy it as a mildly sweet taste with a little zip at the back of the tongue. I might get it again as some point, but not for a while.

  29. Claude

    Got 70%PG / 30%VG 12mg, Blueberry flavor. Tastes like blueberry. A bit light and not sweet enough for me. I’m a strawberry lover. Worth the try.

  30. Charles M

    Just recently got into vaping, and quite enjoyed this flavour. It’s a little bit on the sweet side for me, but my 70pg/30vp 12 str order gave a very good th and decent vapour production.

  31. George

    Very flavourful and sweet… You will like it

  32. attila v

    The flavour and throat hit is good but I think it needs a bit more of the blueberry flavour. Not an all day vape but its good have in the mix.

  33. joseph

    I would like more flavour but has a nice throat hit and a slight taste of blueberry when exhaling quiet nice really πŸ™‚

  34. Joel

    I actually don’t like it much. It tastes like it has a little black licorice and menthol added in. Not an enjoyable vape for me. I’ll still vape it so I don’t waste my supply.

  35. Sandra S

    This is my favourite fruit flavour. I have ordered it several times and will order it again. I can vape this indefinitely.

  36. Christian E

    Excellent Flavor very unique will definatly get this one again!!

  37. april g

    I found the Blueberry to be very weak and not really worth my time not a fan though if your looking for something just to try that is new or your just starting out this is the one for you

  38. Gordon C

    Nice and mild. Easy to vape all day. Pleasant flavor.

  39. Lyndon A

    Good replica flav of blueberry but a little too mild. It tastes very nice and smooth and clean but it finishes with just a hint of blueberry.

    I found myself exhaling through my nose to get the flav.

    Vaped this for 2 days and it didnt get old but for sure could have used more flav.

    I will try the blueberry candy next and see if that makes a difference.

  40. Randy B

    Slightly mild aroma, and the taste brings me back to when my grandma would bake blueberry pies. Nice flavour easy on the throat!

  41. jay d

    has to be one of my favorites, has a great taste and will order again for sure

  42. wesley m

    this was a great flavor to try out tasted like blueberry pie so good and when mixed with fresh strawberries black cherry and a bit of raspberry was even better taste awesome wild berry mix

  43. Kim M

    Really LOVED this flavor!!! One of my favorites for sure!!

  44. Curtis A

    Like this one, it’s a good all-day vape for me.

  45. Jessica M

    Very good flavour. Tastes much like blueberrys. Flavour goes away after a little bit but is delicious for the first bit.

  46. Matt M

    Tried the original blueberry and the 2.0. I will definitely say the Blueberry 2.0 is a great improvement on the flavor as there is much more now. If Canada E-Juice did a Double Blueberry, I’d buy it.

  47. jay d

    i like this one alot, its very sweet kills the craving to eat candy , taste alot like blueberry

  48. Sosan F

    This is not for me, but maybe a match for others.

  49. Julian W

    I tried this as a 6ml. I enjoyed the flavour, it is very blueberry like. It’s subtle but, I think I could enjoy this as an everyday vape. I am just getting used to fruity flavours after smoking for 20 years!

  50. Josh

    First time buying from this site. Flavor was very good. Nice smooth vape, no harshness, no chem taste, and not too sweet. Would purchase this again for an all day smoke.

  51. Sam

    70pg/30vg 12mg, amazing flavour, decent TH, good vapor….taste exactly like the fruit, not sweet like a candy. I could vape this all night…actually, I just did πŸ™‚

  52. Kerry D

    I love blueberries but I found this one tasted overwhelmingly like black licorice??? I don’t know what happened here but I will go back to it in a few weeks.

  53. rye h

    Found the blue berry flavor very strong. Was not a fan of how much nic i added may have effected it.

  54. k.bart

    Blueberry Yum Yum! Not too strong, can be vap’d regularly without being over done.

  55. Robert

    Excellent blueberry taste! Nice vape with a nice throat hit, will reorder!

  56. dave V

    Yum yum It actually give you the same feeling of eating a blueberry the same tingle on the side of my tounge.

  57. Kenneth V

    tastes like blueberries, goes down smooth, great flavour

  58. nick payne

    Its ok but not a very strong blueberry flavor. Also the bottle I recieved had no nicotine. Hopefully they will be good and refund me somehow.

  59. Jeff

    Clean, simple and a good all day vape

  60. Barbz

    Not good. Harsh on throat and kinda dry far from blueberry

  61. Marlyne

    I’m not tasting the blueberry, very light flavor, mostly vape without flavor. I tasted once and still have a full bottle left. Purchased 50/50 with 12 nic.

  62. Tammy

    This is a really great flavour, my only wish was that it was stronger or that we had the option to pay to make it stronger. This is my new favourite which is saying a lot since I really love the strawberry. The one thing I have noticed with ALL the flavours that I have purchased through Canada eJuice is that they have all been weak in flavouring and definitely need an extra drop or two of flavouring.

  63. Linda B

    This was one I tried from my first order, very good blueberry flavour, good vapour and a good TH. I would order this again for sure in the future. If you like blueberry and a pretty good TH this is definitely a good juice to try!

  64. Candice

    This one didn’t taste the way I had expected and not as sweet either.

  65. Justin U

    First flavour I tried. It has a very light flavour. Was expecting something stronger. It is still a nice flavour and good vape as well as th. Only con is the flavour could be a little stronger.

  66. Nikki

    Got this as a free sample, did not really taste like blueberry. Did not have any flavour at all really.

  67. Daniel

    It’s okay but I’m not big into blueberries (thought I would give it a try). It’s a nice occasional vape

  68. sandra

    This has a nice light blueberry flavor. I am vaping it now, will order again. I get a extra flavor shot at a 70/30 recommended and 18 nic. If you want it a lil sweeter add a candy flavor to it:)

  69. Kelly

    Not quite sure what to say. Not what i was expecting. Has a bite to it. Maybe it’s the 70pg/30vg mix but it sure is strong.

  70. Tamara Barber

    Excellent flavour, all blueberry, not too strong, just perfect, loved it on it’s own and it was also wonderful mixed with a bit of Bavarian Cream! Will be ordering this one again in future!

  71. Jamie

    This is a nice blueberry flavor it might be a little faint just sayin for me anyways. it has a hard hit for my max vg 3mg alround not a bad vape.

  72. justin

    best vape i have ever had in max vg. so clean and flavorful. get the 50 ml glass bottle it has an eye dropper ans so ez to load up. cheers.

  73. Taylor

    I found it has a very strange after taste not sure how I feel about it

  74. kyle

    decent juice. good blueberry taste, not like candy but more smooth fruity. good to mix, like to mix it with the mountain dew

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