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Black Honey Tobacco

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A medium flavoured Tobacco, with hints of sweet honey.

A very popular tobacco flavored E-Juice.

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68 reviews for Black Honey Tobacco

  1. Habib A

    Tested on: Joyetech Ego-C with standard cartridge and atomizer.
    Base: PG70/30 (Recommended)

    I expected this to taste similar to RY4 or similar sweet tobacco juices. I’ve been smoking it all evening and I must say it couldn’t be further from a sweet taste. This has a very prominent taste of the spice Clove (Long/Lavang), something I have yet to experience in an e-liquid.

    I’d say mix this with a bit of mint (menthol) and it’s gonna be one hell of a juice. I’d buy some right away.

  2. david f

    I found this to be a very light vape not alot of tobacco flavor i found the flavor to be more honey suckle that is sweet and good i enjoyed the flavor but like i said very little tobacco to it.

    Taste is different to different people i like it you may not.

  3. Donald P

    I do agree with David, in that it is a light vape, not too much tobacco flavor but a sweetness that is pleasant. Currently vaping 100% VG, however this I would order with a 50/50 blend on my next order. I give it a passing grade!

  4. Kathy S

    I used this in a 50/50 mix/24mg on an Apollo extreme battery and cartomizer. This was a very good flavor! It has a sweet honeysuckle flavor, just like when you were a kid and broke the tips off of a honeysuckle to lick the juices. It also has a very slight tobacco flavor, a very light, smooth tobacco. Now one of my top 3 favourites for sure. Someone mentioned they tasted clove, I didn’t detect that at all, but everyone’s palates are different 🙂

  5. Sean C

    This is a really sweet tobacco with great flavour! I used the 18 strength with 70/30 and I found it to be just perfect! Great throat hit as well!!!

  6. James H

    Not sure if this recipe was changed due to past reviews but I found it to taste just like a Captain Black cherry cigar, i found it to be too strong, sorry not much of a fan. I would def recommend this to a Captain B sweets smoker..

  7. Jason M

    This is my new favorite – 18 mg 75/25 blend. Has a fantastic flavour with a sweet taste and reminds me of the old sweet cigars I used to smoke. Highly recommended!!

  8. Kellye W

    Used with a Vizy vaporizer. Nice and sweet! I really like the sweet taste and smell from this juice!

  9. Silvio L

    I enjoyed this, cant quite put my taste bud on it but not sure i am tasting the honey and tobacco.
    Honestly, i thought it tasted more like bacon(No, i didn’t just finish breakfast). Everyone is different and i really do suggest trying everything then finding your favorites.

    70/30 6Mg

    It was nice while it lasted but probably wont be on my fav’s list.

  10. Kevin D

    I didn’t like this at all, I though it smelt like old lady’s purfume. 70pg/30vg at 18mg

  11. Kathy M

    Loved this one. Amazing sweet cigar flavor and smell. My fave!

  12. Kathy M

    Wow! Black Honey Tobacco is my new fave! The perfect blend of sweetness and cigar-like flavor and smell. AMAZING!

  13. Amanda M

    Not bad. But not my favorite either. Not very honey tasting with a bit of an aftertaste.

  14. Shane O

    Really like this flavor, I was skeptical at first, but it grew on me quickly. Nice vape and great throat hit, with a unique flavor. 70pg/30vg 18mg

  15. Dany S

    Not a tobacco fan, did not do it for me. Probably a tobacco flavor vaper would love it though.

  16. Peter B

    light flavour, a little sweet, smooth vape, everything about it is "just right".

  17. Heather W

    I really did not like this on its own. But I like it mixed with the grape tobacco.

  18. GEOFF J

    Tried this when I first got it and it was ok. I let it steep for a week and the flavour had time to mature into a really great vape. Recommended for tobacco lovers.

  19. Antoine C

    I liked this. Reminds me of clove cigarettes. Good vapor, good taste. 70/30 0.6mg.

  20. Mary

    Mary Lou M (22/04/2013)
    Absolutely my favorite. Every order will include at least one of this kind.

  21. Christian E

    Not really my thing, but if you like pipe tobbacco or cigars this might just be a good one for you!!

  22. Kevin L

    70PG/30VG 30mg/ml nic.
    It’s hard to accurately describe this one. There isn’t much of a honey flavor to it. The vapor taste reminds me more of black licorice/fennel/anise, in which case it’s great if that’s what you’re really looking for and expecting, but might be a bit of a surprise if you’re expecting something close to honey.
    It does taste good and vapes well, but bares more resemblance to anethole than it does honey.

  23. Christina

    This one was a bit too light and aromatic tasting compared to the other tobacco flavors for me. It was great as a minor additive for mixes though and when mixed with a bit of black cherry and lots of RY4 double it was a perfect combination. Will always order a small bottle to add a bit in now and again.

  24. perry d

    excellent vape and great taste, 100% vg 12 mg nic on an E-Roll.

  25. perry d

    excellent vape and great taste, 100% vg 12 mg nic on an E-Roll.

  26. Jesse M

    70/30 12mg: This is a really nice tobacco flavor, very rich and slightly spiced. The juice itself smells almost exactly like a colt cigar and the taste of the vapor is really close. It tastes how I always wished real cigars would taste, they smell so good fresh. This would be a perfect match for an e-cigar.

  27. Jennifer S

    Not bad not good 70/30 18mg it wasn’t my cup of tea but it might be your cup of yes just had s weird taste to it

  28. Christian E

    Didn’t much care for this one but if you like pipe tobacco or cigars it just might b for you

  29. Michael P

    Excellent juice. Very close to the pipe tobacco my dad smoked growing up. Deep rich tobacco flavours sweetened with a touch of honey. Everything about this juice, from aroma, to flavour to a nice throat hit is fantastic. Instantly ordered a 30ml bottle.

  30. Aaron C

    70/30 18mg: This is a top notch juice. Has a very deep, rich flavor with a very mild sweet undertone. I say sweet because it doesn’t so much taste like honey, but it does have a very small hint of sweet to it. Has a small undertone of spice as well, but not in your face cinnamon spice. The aroma of this juice is also amazing. One of the better tobacco juices I’ve tried. Mixes extremely well with a cherry or cherry tobacco juice.

  31. Bill M

    Started vaping on June 1, 2013. Smoked for almost 40 years. The Black Honey Tobacco is an excellent juice. Tastes slightly like the aftertaste of a nice colt cigarillo.

  32. Cory B

    Cory B

    Very rich pipe tobacco vape. Quite tasty. a little harsh @ 70/30 24mg

  33. Michael R

    Probably my favorite tobacco juice so far, RY4 being a close second. Buying a 30ml bottle right now!

  34. Alex B

    Incredible – best tobacco flavour I’ve had. Ideal for anyone who (used to) love a flavoured cigar or cigarillo.

  35. Timothé L

    I enjoyed vaping this one at 18mg 70-30 in an ecab. I still prefer the RY4-Double but found the Black Honey to be quite strong and pleasant. Like with Honey cigars, I never found too much of the honey or sweet taste so I guess it is just me. It’s been a while since I finished my bottle but reading other reviews, I do agree that there is a small undertone of spice to it. I will try it again in my new ecig.

  36. brocke f

    at first i was sent either a bad batch or a missalbled bottle and was not happy with the product, i tired a friends bottle and it wasnt bad. wouldbenice to mix with its a mild cigar taste

  37. D Brown

    This juice is one of my absolute favorites, nice dark tobacco taste like a Colt or Old Port, I really enjoy this one when I’m out for drinks 🙂

  38. The K. (Jimmy)

    This juice has a cigarello taste with a small hint of honey sweetness to it. Personally I found the cigar flavor was too over powering the honey imo. But all in all a good juice for cigar or pipe lovers out there.

  39. Juian W

    Personally I am not a big fan of this flavour! I wanted something sweet with a strong tobacco flavour. I find this flavour a bit too flowery in taste. I have vaped it more than a few times now and I just don’t know if this is a flavour I can do more than a few times a week. An occasional vape for sure.

  40. H. Davies

    My personal favorite – tobacco overtones, backed with hints of honey sweetness – delicious. Stand alone flavor – but mixes very well for variety.

  41. Ron C

    Nice flavour for a change of pace. It may not be an all day vape but sure is a nice relaxed flavour.

  42. Anca

    It’s a nice flavor, not too sweet. I liked this one, but I like R4 Double more.

  43. Blaine K

    I enjoyed this flavour, I find a little sweet for use all day but I truly enjoy having it as a break from others. It’s sweet with a nice almost pipe tobacco undertone.

  44. Michael

    Not bad but then again not a huge fan of tobacco flavoured vaping. Worth a try if thats your thing though.

  45. shana

    I love this one and just ordered the big sucker. It’s heavy and smokey and sweet like pipe tobacco. Super smooth flavour and not at all harsh. Awesome vapour clouds at the 70pg/30vg mix.

    This is perfect for both early morning coffee vaping and late night alcohol vaping.

  46. Wanda

    This has a very nice flavour although it is not my first choice. Nice if you want to mix it with something a little stronger.

  47. Monica W

    I did not like this one at all but I am giving it 4 stars because my boyfriend just loves it. He used to smoke a pipe with Captain Black Gold or White tobacco. This has become his ADV. He likes it on it’s own or with some RY4 Double or Creme de Menthe. He’ll be purchasing it again. For me it was way too strong. 70pg/30vg 18 ml.

  48. Monica

    I did not like this one at all (was way too strong) but I am giving it 4 stars becasue my boyfriend just loves it. He used to smoke a pipe with Captain Black tobacco. This has become his ADV. He likes it on it’s own of with some RY4 Double or Creme de Menthe.

  49. Steve

    This flavour is amazing. I generally stay away from the tobacco flavours but the honey tempted me. Tobacco isn’t the predominant flavour here…first and most noticable is the the honey…nailed it. In the exhale you get a bit of a floral taste, almost tastes like rose water, then a hit of a tobacco taste at the end. I will get this with every order from now on…liked it better than the ry4 but they’re close (but totally different).

  50. Mike

    Really like this! 70/30 @ 12mg. Nice flavour, great throat hit.

  51. Brian T

    This is not quite what I expected from the reviews. I find it tastes like the coke bottle candies, however I haven’t tried the coke bottle flavour from this site. The juice has a reddish tinge to it. That being said is has a great throat and a lot of vapour. Ordered in 70pg/30vg 18nic.. Not an ADV for myself but not bad once in a while.

  52. ken

    Not an ADV but still a good juice. Nice flavor all the way through.

  53. sam

    ordered this a while ago (30mg, 100%vg, 24mg) and thought it tasted pretty rank so i started cutting it with the fresh strawberry (which is awesome.) THEN realized it wasn’t steeped so looked up steeping processes… let it sit in hot water for ten minutes twice, a little time with the cap off and voilla! tasty sweet mellow vapor with creamy undertones! definitely recommend for those just coming off of analogues.

  54. LouLa

    I quite enjoy this one – almost as much as I like morning tobacco!

  55. Sam

    thought i’d do a rewrite seeing as the juice has had even more time to steep (100%vg in 24mg) tastes sweet with a great throat hit in a carto off a standard 808 battery. very similar to coke bottle candy (the actual, not the flavour which i haven’t tried.) not harsh or chemically or screaming to be cut with something sweet as was first the case. strongly recommend letting this guy steep for a long time if ordering 100% vg. you’ll be glad you did. ordered some firebird top coil clearomizers (really wish you guys offered these.) to try out. hoping the flavour will come out more.

  56. RB1

    Just got this today, 70/30, 18 mg. Love it so far, the honey flavour is spot on. Not the strongest throat hit but I still feel it so it’s not a huge deal. Overall I’m a big fan. If you like sweet ejuices this can definitely be an all-day vape, if not, you still might like it for occasional use.

  57. Derick B.

    used to smoke a pipe for 20 years. tasted like some types of pipe tobbaco. Since have moved on to Cigars. nice flavour but still missing a good tabbaco blend.

  58. Chris

    Awesome. This is my favorite tobacco flavour. It just edges out RY4 double as my go to when I want cigarette flavour

  59. Tim

    Very enjoyable vape. Don’t think it would be my "go to" vape but its certainly unique. Slightly sweet. I would definetly buy it again.

  60. myc

    Love it. This isn’t my go-to right behind ry4dub.

  61. Pork ‘n Cheesies

    I absolutely LOVE the Black Honey Tobacco flavour from Canada E-Juice, it’s my go-to Tobacco flavour for an all day vape. Tastes just like a subtle and soft honey cigar. Try mixing it 1:2 with the Bavarian Cream juice for a deliciously sweet Cohiba type of taste.

    – Nick PnC

  62. Jason

    One of my favorites tastes just like a honey cigar I tired years ago, also first one I have tired with nic at 6 since I’m a light smoker, I will deffently get again but might try a different mix

  63. christo

    Really liked the honey aftertones. I was expecting something like captain black Tobacco but it taste more like 7Seas Tobacco wich is very close to it but with a good blackhoney aftertaste.

    Will reorder again, a good all day vape and one of my FAV.

  64. Sam

    DELICIOUS. All day vape for me!!!!

  65. Shauna

    Wow what a wonderful flavour. With that sweet honey after taste and a hit of black licorice. And I really don’t like black licorice but this vape I absolutely love. Would be an all day vape. Although I still can’t decide if I love this one or the House Blend more. Will be back for more of this vape. Tried it at a 70/30 where the flavors seem more pronounced but not as strong in my iTaste. Then also a max VG in my Smok Alien with a lot stronger flavors and quite the hit to the back of your throat. Just a wonderful eJuice all around.

    I’d give it 10 if I could.

  66. Nick

    Definitely had a strong tobacco taste. But I did not get any sweetness out of it, more of a minty taste.
    Did not like and would recommend you try it in the sample pack.

  67. Steve

    Great flavour, reminds me of a dipped mini cigar like a captain black or a colt. I can see this being my every day flavour. I first tried it in my atlantis tank with a 1.8ohm triton coil, 70/30, Had amazing flavour but was too thin for that tank, lots of gurgling. I then pulled out my old ego style pen vape, new coil, flavours were slightly muted, but still enjoyable, and smokable. I then went on to mix the half I had remaining with some 30/70 red wine flavour to give me a 50/50 mix ratio and put it in my atlantis, the flavours were much better in there, and I couldn’t taste the wine at all. Will order a large bottle, but with at least 50/50 or higher vg count.

  68. shan

    This tastes like sweet pipe tobacco that you spilled a drop of your absinthe in and are now smoking from an old cherrywood pipe in the middle of a field of wildflowers. Floral, sweet, heavy, and complex tobacco. I got 70/30, 0mg and I’ll definitely be ordering more!

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