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Black Cherry

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Tastes just like a black cherry.

Sweet without being too sweet!

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Dimensions1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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100 reviews for Black Cherry

  1. david f

    i tried this in a stone tank on a LT at 4.0v this is a great flavor just like a black cherry just a little sweet nest to it and the cherry bit is very smooth. over all a great flavor and a good vape

  2. Chris M

    This is a great cherry vape, the best I have found so far, reminds me alot of a black cherry ice cream flavor, no cream of course, just great black cherry flavor. I will be ordering this again.

  3. George R

    Ordered a 24 mg 70/30 mix. This is one of the better cherry vapes I’ve tasted, good throat hit and a decent amount of vapor. There is a slight sweetener after taste to it.

  4. Adrian S

    This tastes more like cherry coke to me. Very good vape! 70/30 mix-18mg produces some great vapor! I would definitely recommend this!

  5. Margaret B

    I tried this at 70/30 mix 0mg. It was by far the best cherry I have tried. Tasted like the ‘bordeux’ cherries I like in ice cream. Sweet, smooth, flavorful without being at all tart or candylike. A great fruit vape!

  6. Noreen A

    This was a nice rich and sweet cherry. Tasted just like a dark cherry juice. Not overly sweet like a candy and very flavorful. Tried on both a tank and a horizontal carto at 70/30 at 12mg. It held up well in both.

  7. John S

    I tried this @ 70/30, 18 mg on a cartomizer and it was by far the *worst* tasting juice I have ever had. It was like vaping black berry perfume. I got a friend to drip this and he also agreed it was terrible. Over-powering chemical taste to this flavour.

  8. Lainee G

    Black cherry was so good I loved it as much as black current n peach

  9. Tim L

    So far this is one of the better flavours that I’ve tried. It has a great taste, if you like black cherry that is. It kind of reminds me of the halls black cherry flavour minus the menthol.

  10. Michael G

    I was so excited to try this flavor, since it sounds so good! Black cherry!

    Unfortunately, it tastes very chemical. Really not a good flavor at all. Nice smell, but tastes pretty bad.

  11. Kathy S

    I used this in a 50/50 mix/24mg on an Apollo extreme battery and cartomizer. I didn’t like it personally, the cherry flavor was too artificial. It was sweet though, but not too sweet, so that was a good point.

  12. Julia M

    I was really looking forward to this one and was disappointed. I got the 18mg 70/30 and to me it had no flavour or taste. Will probably not get this one again.

  13. Misti W

    6mg 70/30 Another great flavor, very sweet so for me it’s an occasional sweet tooth craving.

  14. Joanne G

    This also is a fav of mine always make sure i order this if i am getting low. Just a nice flavor.

  15. keith l

    Definitely has that black cherry flavour spot on. Could be a little sweeter though and I’m getting a chemically after-taste. Not bad but needs a bit of work.

  16. Yvon D

    30 mg 70/30 I love this flavor but after only smoking store bought brands my options were limited, Sure glad I found this web site.. Looking forward to try the other flavors I ordered. 😉

  17. nigel a

    This flavour was great in my opinion. Not overpwering. Service was also great with my lastminute changes. Thanks

  18. Sean

    Not bad all in all but slightly ‘artificial’ tasting, I think I was expecting more of a cherry tobacco kind of flavour

  19. Sean

    Not bad all in all but slightly ‘artificial’ tasting, I think I was expecting more of a cherry tobacco kind of flavour

  20. James H

    I actually ordered this for my Mom and she said she liked it alot…I wish she didn’t start smoking again…

  21. james e

    pretty good flavor not overpowering good to use when a tobacco flavor might might offend in a public place

  22. Rachel P

    I didn’t like this one at all. To me it tasted just like those cherry cigarellos. (which I also hate) needless to say I won’t be ordering this one again.

  23. Nicholas C

    I find this taste’s like the very cherry life savers you get at the store, being a huge fan of black cherry it is great to see someone has got the taste right

  24. Andrew V

    I am totally new to vaping, in fact this is the first flavor I have tried and I must say that I love this. I vap on this all day long and it never gets old, good TH 70/30 18mg. I have just ordered Grape Juice and Butterscotch and can’t wait to get them. In passing, I have not smoked a regular cig in over a week and I don’t see myself going back.

  25. Zane

    Nice mild cherry taste, didnt notice any chemical flavours. Makes a nice mix with RY4 Double.

  26. Zane

    Nice mild cherry taste. I did’nt notice any chemical flavours, and it makes a nice mix with RY4 Double.

  27. Heather W

    This is one of my favorite vapes. Has a nice cherry flavour to it. I like it on its own and also enjoy it mixed with double chocolate.

  28. Corey S

    This one reminds me of cherry life savers, I recommend it.

  29. Kyle B

    Great smooth taste and works well with other flavors would order this again! Canada E-juice is a great place to order from fast shipping and great prices!

  30. Ian M

    Was not a fan of this one. Was the only one I’ve had that had a chemical aftertaste to me. (6mg 70/30). Might have been the batch or just comparing to other flavours I enjoyed more from here.

  31. Tgcompletecc

    good stuff I like this flavor

  32. AJ S

    Loved this one, had a bit of the artificial cherry flavour but there was enough good notes to make up for any bad. I’ll give this one a 4 because their is room for improvement, but for sure a solid juice

  33. Tammy S

    I can’t get enough of this Black Cherry flavour! It is amazing. My next order will be coming soon. Time to stock up!

  34. Christina

    Very good cherry flavor for adding into tobacco flavors like RY4 double. I find myself adding this into every mix and it always makes it taste awesome. Would be a bit better if it had more of a sweeter cherry taste but still amazing.

  35. attila v

    This is my fav by far!! Great all day vape. Nice strong flavour but not overpowering. I’m definitely buying more. Love it!! 9/10

  36. Louise Q

    Wasn’t impressed with it. Had too much of an artificial cherry flavor for my liking.

  37. Ryan P

    Vaped easy…. good flavour… needed a bit more sweetness

  38. Jean-Paul G

    Just tried Black Cherry in 100% VG 24mg and im in love with it!!!! Very subtle not to strong. 6ml is not enough I need 30ml and then more.

  39. hesham m

    This is my fav by far!! Great all day vape.

  40. Michael K

    I’m not a big eliquid fruit fan, so this didn’t impress me that much.. but tasted like black cherry. Not bad to mix with other fruit.

  41. Jon R

    not a fan of this flavour, tasted like medicine. many other good juices avaailable so i wont be back for this one.

  42. Jack N

    Really good and smooth vape. Will definitely be my good to.

  43. Gord H

    Very good harsh vape, flavour grew on me over time and its pretty good.12mg 70/30 all day

  44. Hammad H

    Got this yesterday, love the authentic cherry taste. I am new to vaping and i wanted to try something that would get me attracted to the flavour sibce i smoke different flavours on my sheesha already. I havent touched my marlboro lights since yesterday. If you are someone who smokes lights or menthols go with a weaker nicotine level i got 30mg ( i clearly didnt know what i was doing) and its got to much of a TH for me. I ordered a few more flavours now at 12mg based on the advice of Dianne at the store. Gonna try 12mg hopefully itll work out if not ill try 6mg. Oh n i love the bottles you guys use, its so easy to drip into my cartomizer! 🙂 cheers!

  45. Kim M

    Very good flavor…tastes just like black cherry

  46. George

    Not bad at all, just a little harsh with the "high" nicotine though…. Maybe better with medium strength

  47. Christina J

    This is a sickly sweet smell when you first open it; a very strong *pow* factor. With all of my E-juices I let it sit open for a few days to really get the best flavour. Despite initial smell, it didn’t taste nearly as strong. It was simply a very smooth black cherry flavour. I’m not a fan of the actual cherry berry, so I can’t say I’m a fan of the taste, but that’s just my personal opinion. If you’re a fan of fruity juices, you’ll probably love this.

  48. Aaron C

    70/30 18mg: First thing I noticed about this juice was the strong smell when I opened the bottle. Had a very strong black cherry smell to it. Vaping it proved the smell was much stronger than the taste. It tastes like black cherries, but the vape was a little lack luster. I don’t say this often, but it could use a little more sweetness to it. This is a pretty mild vape. It’s a great juice to mix with tobacco flavors though! Mixed amazingly well with the black honey tobacco.

  49. Kerry D

    My new favorite! ordered 100% VG and will be ordering again for sure! Tastes like the real thing!

  50. Kevin M

    Very impressed with this vape. I smoked Cherry flavored cigars and was looking for a juice that came close. This is it. Ordering more. This is an all day vape for me.

  51. Rachel P

    Black cherry is one of my favourite flavours of all time for anything – soda, ice cream, candy, chewing gum, etc. When I found the black cherry juice, I needed to try it. Glad I did because it’s a great cherry flavour, strong and it even has a little bit of spiciness at the end. I’ll be buying this again for sure!

  52. Lyndon A

    WOW this black cherry has BITE! Ended up switching for the blueberry as I didnt enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

    Perhaps its just my personal taste and you might like it better.

    Mild smoke with a decent TH and a mild flav but a very spicy finish. This black cherry BITES IMHO.

    Good job on the flav but could be a little sweeter. Not overpowering, if you like black cherry this can be an all day vape.

    3 stars cause I dont care for it…my wife loves it though.

    Swapped out for the blueberry and I find it much more tasty.

  53. Dan M

    Very nice vapour production in 100% VG mix. Smells decent in the bottle but not so much while vaping. Overall it was not my favourite to vape on its own, but when mixed with the ry4 it tastes just like a cherry primetime. Overall it tastes like cherry cough medicine on its own. Definitely a good vape if you like cherry or if you wanna mix. Watch my video review at:

  54. Michael P

    It’s Black Cherry. Its a really good Black Cherry, but thats all there is to it. I was impressed that there was no chemical taste like in most cherry flavours ive tried. Flavour was clean and distinct. I mixed it with some menthol, chocolate and tobacco flavours and it took really well. Great juice to add some flavour to others.

  55. Mark M

    Nice cherry flavour, but very strong, more of an occasional vape than an all day, but defintely tastes like cherry.

  56. nick p

    Great cherry flavour. One of the best ive tried so far.

  57. cole l

    Love this one! I use it the most.

  58. Diane F

    This is a good flavour, I like it mixed with RY4 Double for all day vap.

  59. Gary M

    Very strong flavour.
    It does die down a little going through the bottle but still very strong.
    If you like strong flavour and good vap, youll like this juice.

  60. Winston13

    Had a sample of this waiting for my local vendor to order in some more, it was really good tasted like sweetarts…really good!


    Nice smooth flavor, I find most ladies that sampled mine find this flavor very nice!

  62. Corinne T

    Strong vap and flavour . I like it to have a mix up of my flavour during the day.

  63. Jeremy W

    Very good taste, although not as strong as I would like. Great vape

  64. D Brown

    Really enjoy this nice strong flavored juice. Give it a try. Tastes great.

  65. Mikey Bikey

    I went to the Canada E-Juice shop and bought a starter kit and got several small bottles of different flavours of E-juice. I have to say hands down this one was easily the best I enjoy the others but this one stood out the most I will be buying another bottle. Awesome juice!

  66. Mari A

    Taste just like black cherries. The flavour was okay, not sure if I will be ordering this one again.

  67. Brian G

    My wife’s favorite flavor. Highly recommended if you like the taste of cherries

  68. MichaelDC

    Not a huge fan of this juice. It’s not bad but I got a bit of a medical taste to it like a cough medicine or something like that.

  69. k.bart

    Great Flavor, Excellent taste. Very impressed!

  70. Warren S

    For me it was like the Vicks Cherry Cough Drops. Was lots of flavor if you like that taste. Not for me tho.

    PG/VG 70/30

  71. Matt

    Great cherry flavor. Strong and produced a very thick vape. Will definitely buy again.

  72. Serge

    You can never go wrong with Cherry. I ordered 2 bottles and went through them in about a month. Very good flavour. Cherry is a great choice for people new to vaping because it is a good all day vape flavour.

  73. Joe H.

    Excellent flavor and mixes well with grape!

  74. Serge from Ottawa

    You can never go wrong with a Cherry flavour vape. This is a good choice for people new to vaping because it is suitable as an all day vape.

  75. shana

    I got this at 70pg with 0 nicotine and found it a bit thin tasting (like cherry bubble gum). But the vapour was nice and the flavour wasn’t offensive, I just like ’em stronger.

    If you like light fruit flavours this would probably be a nice late night vape.

  76. Rita

    Nice strong fruity taste.

  77. Serge

    Ordered 2 bottles at 12mg of this cherry. Very good flavour. I recomend this flavour for people new to vaping as it is a good all day vape.

  78. Laurie

    Ordered this flavour and really enjoyed it will def order this one again

  79. Robert

    Excellent flavour and throat hit! Recommend and will reorder! 12mg 70/30

  80. Hashy

    I love cherry flavored anything, so I was pretty excited to get this flavor. I was not entirely disappointed, but the flavor is more reminiscent of cherry flavored cold medicine rather than of real cherries. Not bad by any means, but not QUITE cherry. I’d still probably buy it again anyways 🙂

  81. Jason

    Great flavor, really enjoyed this for a while then got sick of it, not any fault of the flavor just an easily bored palette at times haha. Would recommend to anyone cherry inclined.

  82. Neil

    Strongest flavour I have tried. Good throat hit. You will definitely enjoy it if you love cherries!

  83. Jacinda

    The flavor concentration on this is really good. I definitely recommend this one if you are a fan of black cherry.

  84. Wanda

    Had a very Cherry flavor and a great smell. I was pleased with the product. 🙂

  85. Sean

    Got this in the mail today. Was really looking forward to the cherry taste but I was extremely disappointed. The flavor is exactly like cough medicine. Not necessarily a bad thing but I’m really not a fan of the flavor. If you like that kind of flavor then this is a definite buy, the flavor is extremely strong and vapor on 50/50 is great.

  86. Rob H

    I used to smoke cherry flavored cigars at one time , This tasted just like them . It is a great taste but don’t know if I could handle a steady diet of this taste . But that is probably why ejuicecanada has 90+ flavours . After all variety is the spice of life and vaping .

  87. mwatters

    Purchased this because of all the reviews saying how strong the flavor was, since i found that the strength of flavors were lacking in the products I have tried. Though it is one of the better flavors, I found that it doesn’t hold up to the other people’s reviews. It would be one that I would purchase again however, along with RY4 Double.

  88. Ron V

    This tastes like the candy Cherry Blasters. If you like those, you’ll like this (70/30pg). Tastes amazingly smooth and refreshing. Definitely one of my favourite flavours from Canada E Juice.

  89. Meredith B

    I love black cherry anything but for some reason it kind of tasted like soap to me. I’m going to give it another shot and post my verdict. However I have a friend who LOVES it!

  90. Stephanie

    If you get the Juice with Nicotine in it, remember that there is a peppery taste inherent to nicotine. I found that it didn’t mix well with the Black Cherry. (70/30) However, I did really love it when mixed with the Banana Bonanza.

  91. Mark

    Tastes like a cherry cigarillo. I find it’s almost too strong for me but it does what it says on the tin so five stars.

  92. Greg

    Weak flavor in a 50/50 at 6mg. Would have liked it with a lot more cherry taste.

  93. Cody

    good flavour 70/30 0mg. reminds me of cherry flavored lollipops but with more of a "heavy" cherry taste. the flavour is pretty strong in my opinion, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your preferance. would recommend.

  94. Vespar

    This is the only juice I’ve gotten from Canada E-Juice that I didn’t like. It reminds me of the cherry flavoured nicotine lozenges. Vaguely cherry and chalky in taste. Not a fan at all, had to dump it out of my tank.

  95. Rip

    kinda taste like cherry cigars but the cherry taste is kinda strange,even more after letting it steep.
    i find it overall better than regular cherry flavor.

  96. Irene

    Nope … love cherries and all but can’t do this one. Too strong and not like cherries can’t place the taste/smell.

  97. Jordan

    Love it at max vg and 6mg. Even better when mixed with a dash of menthol double. New favourite and will reorder for the forsee able future.

  98. Kim from SK

    I got the trial size 30pg/70vg at 30 mg. I can make out the black cherry flavour, but it’s not as strong as I would expect for a 70vg. I also have to agree that there’s an odd flavour coming through that I can’t put my finger on…could be the nicotine but not sure.

  99. Nick

    Strong cherry flavor but it tastes like the gross medicine I took as a child. I have had this issue before with other brands so maybe my taste buds just can’t do cherry.
    I recommend you grab this in the sample pack first.

  100. Serena Ricker

    Black Cherry e-liquid is great and what to expect– very fruity and sweet yet keeping that famous dark Cherry taste that I’ve always loved with drinks and confectionery. Love it.
    Will buy again once I run out.

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