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A luxurious styled vape!

Also a great flavor to mix with other dessert flavored juices.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 2.5 in

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50 reviews for Bavarian

  1. Jennifer M

    My new favourite! I use this as my new all day vape. creamy, custardy but not too sweet. Even has great flavour on my e-cig. (70%PG/30%VG) Very mild throat hit but lots of vape.

  2. Michael K

    Nice creamy taste, slightly sweet but not overwhelming. Not on the top of my list but I know i’ll find myself ordering this again.

  3. Jeremy B

    tried a 6ml sampler of this 50pg/50vg… wish I grabbed a 30ml bottle instead. This flavour is really nice! smooth creamy/not-too-sweet/custard taste, vapes really well, nice tasty clouds. Mixes very well with werthers candies or irish cream.

  4. AJ S

    I vape creamy things all day, and this one didnt do it for me 🙁 It just wasn’t the flavour I expected. Gave the bottle to a friend, he asked for more. Another classic case of to each his own

  5. Elisha

    70/30 Blend – 12 mg
    This wasn’t what I was expecting. It almost tastes a bit ‘smoky’. I had read the reviews and was expecting a great tasting vape, but it definitely wasn’t my taste. Oh well, I guess it comes down to trial and error with e-liquid flavors, but since Canada E-Juice offers them at such a low price you can’t go wrong!

  6. Jrhold

    I have tried this juice and found it is very mild almost tasteless May be good for morning vape when you want something mild

  7. Ali U

    This Bavarian Cream flavor is really nice.smooth creamy, definitely worth trying.

  8. Seong L

    It tastes like cream. This was too creamy for me. When I mixed with other juice, it was still too strong for me.

  9. Debbie S

    I received this one as a sample, I didnt think I would like it that much but turns out I cant stop vaping it! This is so yummy all by itself! 100% VG

  10. Ruth-Ann

    This is sooo good! Not too sweet, but very yummy. I am ordering it again!

  11. Tony W

    I loved this one out of my whole order this bottle I finished first. Great flavor not too sweet good vapour 70/30 12 mg.

  12. Jon R

    18mg 70/30 – Not a bad juice to vape on it’s own, but somehow the flavour seemed almost as strong when mixing with other flavours (overpowers everything, even roasted marshmellow which is quite strong). It is very smooth and a nice treat, but I couldn’t vape it all day.

  13. Pete A

    Sweet, rich and smooth with moderate TH. Nice by itself and serves as a great base for mixing. Very yummy.

  14. audrey m

    This is by far my new favorite I had ordered this my last order and it was the last one I tried and it was amazing. Great taste it was packed with flavor and great vape just piles of smoke rolling off this one. I would recommend this one to anyone.

  15. Vera m

    Love it….so delicious…nice after dinner vape…one of my favourites.

  16. Allan T

    Wife (never smoked): I really like this flavour. Slightly sweet with lots of vanilla taste. Smooth, creamy, like a special coffee after dinner. The Vanilla Cup Cake, Bavarian Cream and the Piña Colada flavours all had a slight after taste – a “lingering bouquet”.
    Husband: Sweet flavours aren’t my favourite. However, it certainly lives up to its name. I will use it for toning down the overpowering taste of some of the tobacco flavours (if the wife and kids don’t vape it all before I get to it).

  17. Jason L

    wasn’t a big fan, very sweet taste but almost just a cooked sugar taste, to each there own.

  18. Jason L

    12mg…wasn’t a big fan,very sweet, but almost just a cooked sugar taste

  19. tony b

    Not for me – found it to be very sweet on 70%PG / 30%VG. Will try mixing some Blueberry or Strawberries and provide feedback.

  20. Zachary S

    Good stuff. You can taste the cream, but its also quite sweet. 70PG/30VG If you like a thick full flavour, this is a decent one, but its not as unique as one such as irish cream. Basically what the name says.

  21. John D

    Very nice creamy taste to it, like it better then the Irish Cream. Would not want to make it my all day vape but is a nice change from tobacco flavors. Not much of a TH at 70/30, 24mg. It is very smooth and tastes pretty good on my eRoll also. Is nice to vape with a Timmy’s coffee. Would buy again.

  22. Jaycarlson

    Wonderful mixer for other creams and fruits, very versitile

  23. Crystal C

    I LOVED this one. Tried it on a whim as a review/freebie and going for the 30 ml on my next order now. I didn’t find this overly sweet at all, but that preference of course…

  24. attila v

    12mg By looks of the reviews it seems as though I’m the only one that doesn’t like this one. I find that it tastes like slightly burned sugar and not much else. That being said.. I just mixed it in with 3:1:1 coconut vanilla and Bavarian cream. It seems to work pretty well in adding a bit of subtle sweetness.

  25. George

    Very tasty and not too sweet but just right ….good all day vape

  26. Chris E

    Very good, Tastes just like doughnut cream. Mixed well with most sweet juices

  27. Kerry D

    If I could give this MORE then 5 stars, I WOULD! Creamy and delicious the taste isn’t overly sweet but lingers just enough on the exhale for you to really get a good idea of this rich flavor! Definitely an ADV for me!

  28. Larry L

    I gave it 3 stars because on its own its not one I would vape all day, that being said if you mis with a fruit flavor it is pretty amazing

  29. Tanya p

    This was the most solid throat hit of any juice I have tried. Nice mild cream flavor – my new fav !

  30. Elizabeth B

    A great mixer. I liked that it wasn’t too sweet.

  31. cederico

    Perfect, I love that one. It taste exactely like the cream you can have inside the donut

  32. jessica h

    I found this one way 2 strong but I must say I did not mind it mixed with creamsicle and peach

  33. Jon

    nice and sweet… but not too sweet. flavour is pretty strong and easily overpowers other flavours i mix with it. as a tip put just a lil bit of this eliquid when mixing with other liquids. nice, thick and creamy vapour. very good.

  34. Warren S

    Lots of flavor on this one, to much for me. Mixed it down 50% and was able to enjoy it a bit more. Leaves a bit of an after taste, so it will make you thirsty.

  35. Dwayne Wiebe

    This stuff is really tasty! A bit much on it’s own but I mixed it with watermelon and a few other flavors and it is just so good! When mixed with any fruit flavor you get a superbly tasty all day vape. Highly recommended!!!

  36. Rita

    This is a one to mix with other favours, for a smoother taste.

  37. Mari A

    6mg 50/50
    Absolutely love this flavour mixed with fresh strawberries. Possible all day vape – new fave.

  38. Alicia

    Not a fan of this on it’s own, but it’s PERFECT to mix with sooooo many other flavours.

  39. sam

    ordered this in 6mg 100%vg. after letting it sit in hot water for 10 min (speeds up the steeping process which is a must for 100%vg, the flavour was very subtle, any creaminess is in hiding and had weird chemical taste to it. am letting it sit in the dark w cap off and old air squeezed out to see if this helps. used an 808 battery and reused empty cart. will also be ordering the firebird 808 top coil clearomizer (i wish you guys carried this, as it has very good reviews.) and see how the flavour is affected.

  40. Marcie

    This is just wonderful. Tastes creamy and sweet, not overpowering, not too subtle. Mixes nicely with everything. If happiness had a flavour, this would be it!

  41. Sam

    now i don’t usually advocate on staying in the closet BUT this juice – lemme tell ya – when i first got it it tasted "meh". literally i was all "meh. i’m just going to use this to cut the nicotine down in my other bottle (ordered 6mg 100% vg.) had a third left that i just forgot about for a couple weeks or so and HOLY CROW. i can smell sweet and custard notes. chucked it in my protank that i mostly cleaned and it’s AMAZING. this actually tastes like caramelized sugar. with my palate, i would consider this a bang on creme brulee. definitely getting more in my next order. LEAVE THIS ALONE FOR 2-3 WEEKS and you will not regret it.

  42. Rob

    Oddly enough, I don’t taste too much here. I had the Irish cream which has a nice creamy Taste. I guess I’ll try waiting a bit to see if steeping a bit helps. Its hard to beat peanut butter though….

  43. ChrisV

    This was good to mix with other flavours but again it being a darker juice it tends to muck up the tanks faster so for that reason not a favourite. The flavour is pleasant enough.

  44. Pork ‘n Cheesies

    This is my hands down FAVORITE Juice from Canada E-Juice. Simply sweet, full bodied, full flavour vape. Try it in a 50/50 blend for nice and thick clouds with every puff. This one is also a great mixer – I love to blend the Bavarian cream 2:1 with the Black Honey Tobacco flavour for a pleasant and rich cohiba taste.

    – Nick PnC

  45. Jamie

    This is a vape on it’s own or mixed with a coffee flavor for a sweeter coffee taste. nice and smooth

  46. Tamara Barber

    Love this flavour, it’s awesome on it’s own, sweet but not overly so…… however if you really want to compliment it ……..mix it with your favorite fruit flavour and enjoy a little bit of heaven. Makes a wonderful desert type flavour and mmmmm is always an addition to my ejuice orders.

  47. Alex McLean

    I found this to be light and creamy!!! Great to add some needed creamy sweetness to any fruity vape out there!!!

  48. Kim from SK

    I got this in the sample pack – 30 mg; 30pg/70vg. It is a nice light n creamy flavour. I still had a touch of cinnamon red hearts flavour in it and it so reminded me of like warm vanilla custard/pudding with the cinnamon added. Anyway, I enjoyed it!

  49. Jessica L

    Love this ejuice! It has a light creamy vanilla taste and is great on it’s own as well as mixed with other flavours!

  50. Brian Tromley

    This is the best bakery juice ever. Nice and smooth with max vr. This is all i buy!!!! Great store and staff to deal with also.

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