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Apple Blend Tobacco

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A lighter flavoured Tobacco with a nice apple exhale.


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31 reviews for Apple Blend Tobacco

  1. Stephane d

    Have tried a few Apple tobacco or Apple shisa. The one from Canada e-juice is my best. Great tape, great taste. Will come back. Also, to mention, the super fast service.

  2. Noreen A

    I tried this at 70/30 0mg and 12mg strengths in a stardust and horizontal carto. I has a very nice subtle flavor. Not overpowering on any level. Both the tobacco and apple are finely balanced. Would recommend it to those who enjoy apple shisa experience. Steeping made the taste come forward nicely.

  3. jesse c

    didnt care for it. not enough apple.

  4. Dan C

    Ordered this thinking a little something sweet was right love the taste got the 70/30 12mg will be getting more Dan C

  5. Gord F

    This Apple Tobacco e-juice was a nice surprise. I happen to like Jolly Rancher, and that is a good thing. That is what this tastes like more than a real apple, but that is ok.
    Not sure if this will always be in my collection, but I am enjoying it for

  6. Rob W

    18mg 70/30 – I’m not as fond of this one as I wanted to be. The tobacco notes are really nice, and it has a good TH, but the apple flavour reminds me a bit too much of air-freshener apple. It’s not enough that I’m going to toss it in the trash or anything, and it’s one of those things that might grow on me, but my first impression puts it low on the list of juices I’ve tried.

  7. Kathy S

    I used this in a 50/50 mix/24mg on an Apollo extreme battery and cartomizer. This is so good, omg. The apple flavor is awesome, and the tobacco flavor with it compliments the apple flavor really well. It has a sweet green apple taste.

  8. Ian P

    We got the 70/30 strong and it was good at first… not too sweet and had a nice flavour. However, it ended up being a bit too harsh.

  9. Ian P

    Good at first as it was not too sweet and had a nice flavour but it ended up being a bit too harsh.

  10. Sean C

    I found this to be a little too sour for me but if you like the Jolly Rancher Green Apple than you’ll love this!!!

  11. Misti W

    12mg 70/30 I don’t like any tobacco flavors and this one was great! Tastes like fresh apple peels!

  12. Kellye W

    Tried the 70/30 with a vizzy vaporizer. I really didn’t like this flavour, it tasted way to sour apple jolly fruit like. A good choice if you like Sour apple flavours! Just not for me.

  13. Heather W

    This one has a nice smooth flavour. A nice change from regular tobacco flavours.

  14. John G

    I didn’t find this to be sour as others have said, I bought it because I remember my granddad used to put apple cores into his tobacco pouch and you could always get a scent of apple when he smoked. This definitely had a nice apple taste which I liked but so far RY4 is the only tobacco flavour I like and I think I’d rather just get straight apple flavour next time without the tobacco.

  15. Julio M

    The apple taste is clean ,This juice is amazing

  16. manilyn

    i didnt taste the tabacco flavor a little bit sour,,,,,,,,,,,,

  17. wendy a

    surprising mild even at 30 mg/ml. I like this the best for it’s mildness, and when I say mildness I mean it doesn’t give me a sore throat.

  18. Randy B

    Starts with a clean slightly sour apple taste possibly a Granny Smith apple and finishes like a premium tobacco! Love it!

  19. Ahmed B

    Perfect tobacco and i can taste the apple greatly in the flavor!

  20. Chase G

    Mellow taste of tobacco with a nice hint of a sour-ish apple. Definitely would recommend this flavor.

  21. Jarvis D

    First time getting a free sample, and I chose this flavor, I like the apple taste but not enough tobacco hit! Maybe ill try something stronger in the future. But still overall good.

  22. Luke G

    Nice flavour but a bit peppery in the throat… probably due to high nic level than I am used to 70/30 12mg

  23. kyle r

    I didnt really get the apple taste at all…maybe it needs to steep longer…it wasnt like like the other fruit tobaccos that ive tried. Nice vapour though

  24. Jack

    Usually I don’t like the taste of tobacco juices, but I found the apple and tobacco balanced out nicely and was rather enjoyable. Will order again.

  25. Paul V

    Just tried this this week – first thoughts were that it was a bit odd, but good. I found there was a bit much of a perfume-like taste to it. I’ve taken to adding a drop or two of this in with Fresh Tobacco or RY4 and like the hint of apple very much for that.

  26. J Woodland

    Not really for me… The flavour is much too weak

  27. Anca N.

    the taste wasn’t bad, but not enough tobacco hit. |I liked RY 4 more.

  28. Dave

    This is a good juice. It has a mellow apple taste that you can fully appreciate while vaping.

  29. MissyV

    I have to say, I probably won’t ever order this flavor tobacco again. It had a strange burnt taste to it and I tried it out in a couple of different tanks. I had the 50/50 12mg blend. It’s almost like it wasn’t enough tobacco or enough apple taste and couldn’t make up it’s mind. Not a winner for me. sorry!

  30. Dale

    Good flavour with a mild apple taste. Has a little sweet taste to it, but not overpowering. Hard to taste the tobacco, but still one of my favs. I had a 70/30 with 12mg and will reorder this as i personally like this one out of the 11 flavours i have tried.

  31. Konstantin P

    My favorite one.
    Very balanced with all described notes in proper proportions.

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