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A very familiar black licorice taste.



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19 reviews for Absinthe

  1. Shay

    Careful! This is by FAR the MOST potent flavor I have ever tasted. I typically use the same atty for similar types (fruits/candy/etc) – Dedicate a atty to this flavor alone! It WILL make all your other juices taste like this. It is VERY potent stuff.

    As for flavor – If you flown with the green fairy in sometime, it tastes like black licorice on steroids. This flavor is pretty bang on as far as flavors go. I’m not a huge BL fan to begin with, but I had to try it. If you like BL, you will like this. If you are looking for a mellow vape – This is NOT it. 5/5 for potent and accurate flavors, but be warned – the taste WILL linger in an atty.

  2. Steve

    I’ll echo what Shay said, this stuff is strong. I love BL and this is like scraping the outer layer of 10 black jelly beans and putting them all in your mouth. Even leaves the same after taste. I switched juices and didn’t have any issues with getting rid of the taste. Really good BL flavour, especially mixed with some minty juice or a tobacco flavour. If like me you’ve been waiting for a BL flavoir get this, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Marilyn

    This is my favorite. I love Black Licorice, strong flavor.

  4. Marc

    Ok very very good. I ordered a 30 ML Bottle 70vg/30pg 6mg nic.
    taste like black liquorice or samboca liquor to give you an idea..

  5. Rob

    If you like sambuca this is for you! Nice vapor and strong flavor.

  6. Chris

    By far my favorite flavour. Tastes like licorice.

  7. Reggie

    This is my favorite flavour thus far. Definately get the Sambuca taste, and gives of an excellent aroma. I wish you made a Root Beer flavour, and I would have my two flavours set now.

  8. sue

    i have ordered that one and waiting for it to arrive cant wait i am impatient to try this one. but pls i wish people would stop comparing absinthe with sambuca lol yes i am a absinthe snob only the real absinthe when i drink it wich does not contain licorice. but since i love sambuca also i think im going to love this one anyway.

  9. sue

    me again. i got my absinthe juice today and even tho to me i would not consider it absinthe taste of course i dont think anyone could duplicate a real absinthe taste in a e juice i have to say this… WOW i juste love this juice if your a fan of sambuca give this one a try you wont regret it i cant get enough of the stuff and i better order a 30 ml bottle next time its taste so good. canada e juice pls dont ever change this recipe, i was allmost ready to give up e cigs until i tasted this one even the envelope smelled good lol after all the awful places i ordered from with nasty tasting juices im glad i found canada e juice because now finally i got a place to order e juices i can thrust thank you 🙂

  10. Terra

    My absolute favourite, awesome aroma and taste!

  11. itotmike

    Spectacular vape! FULL of flavours. Sambuca, citrus, great TH, yet smooootthh. Of the three I bought today (Absinthe, Mandarin Orange, and Nectarine) this is BY FAR the finest and puts others’ absinthe fairies to shame. Try this & you’re unlikely to vape anything else; it really is that good.

    PS: You OFFICIALLY have my undieing allegiance. ;{)

  12. haileyrococo

    nice strong taste of anise. if you love black liquorice i highly recommend you sample this one! lovely

  13. Scott

    Totally amazing Sambuca smooth…will be on my next order 🙂

  14. Frank

    I would buy some e-liquids but i need a 3mg nic strength…. 🙁

  15. Dave

    just ordered some way too sweet

  16. Brian

    I have tried about 15 or so flavors. I like ouzo, licorice, sambuca, raki etc. so this is by far my favorite. One of the things I really like is that its clear and burns clean and the tank doesn’t gum up like some of the other flavors nor does it leave a bad aftertaste like some others.

    For me its the staple flavor, nicely done. if you can possibly dial up the flavor even more and make an elite level I would buy it!

  17. Modifi

    Really like this one, not sure if it’s my go to. Strong flavor good for a change up

  18. Dee

    If you are a lover of Black Licorice, this one is for you.

  19. Francis Prince (verified owner)

    Really good. Taste really like Absinthe, black licorice or pastice.

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