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Most of the gear we use today is as much a computer as it is a vaping device.

As such, sometimes the manufacturer makes improvements to the programs that run the device (firmware). These improvements are released as firmware updates.

Software updates bring new features and fix problems discovered after the initial release of the product. Upgrading your device firmware brings new features and improved stability.

  • DNA 75 Escribe
Software Download
  • DNA 200 Escribe
  • DNA 250 Escribe
  • Evolv Firmware
  • DNA 200 screens
  • Joyetech – Evic VT Mini

Upgrade unit to 75 watts power and adjust SS (Stainless Steel) temp control

Joyetech Software Download

Up to V3.

  • Pioneer 4 you
IPV4S with Ti wire up to 100 Jewels of power
Update unit to 120 watts and add support for Ti IPV4S Firmware


SXi Firmware


Update to 200 watt power & support Titanium and Nickel for temperature control

IPV3 Li Firmware


Alien Kit Firmware Update

– resolves no atomizer issue

Warning Tips during updating

1.You have to take out the battery before upgrading

2. You have to hold the fire button all the time during the upgrading


Download latest firmware here

Use the provided factory micro USB cable (with data transfer function).

OS System requirements:
Windows XP/7/8/10.
(FYI: There is no driver to match Apple Mac OS from the PCB chip vendor.)

Smok ALIEN TC Kit V1.2.2 Updated Guide

1.Unzip  Alien upgrading Tool folder with the programming tool and BIN file, and then open the ISP tool just like following pix show

2.Hold the firing button, connect the Alien 220w TC Kit to the computer (Please hold the fire button during the upgrading ),then click the “Connect” icon till the “disconnect ” icon come with light

3.Open alien V1.2.2_2 hex

4. Please mind that the “Config” data should be 00013000. Redownload the ISP tool if you can’t adjust it

5.Mark “APROM” file icon, unmark other icons, then click “Start”

6. Please mention that you will get a PASS if you have upgraded your Smok Alien 220w Starter Kit successfully

  • XCubeII

Upgrade unit to 180 watts power

1. Adjusted max wattage to 180W,bring you ultimate vaping experience.

2. Improved function on alerting the initial resistance is too high or too low.

3. Revised the issue that the temperature unit is out of sync between device and the APP.

XCube II Firmware

Android APP

Play Store download

Iphone APP

Apple Store Download

X Pro Plus

Improved functions: Short-circuit protection message has changed from “CHECK ATOMIZER” to “SHORTED”, and others remain the same.

  • Wismec updates

Latest firmware and settings file Reuleaux 2/3

Latest firmware and settings file Reuleaux R200s

Latest firmware and settings file Original RX200 Reuleaux

Powerful chip has a maximum output of 250 watts and advanced temperature control functions including Titanium, Nickel and Stainless Steel modes.

Wismec Original Reuleaux Firmware and Software Download


  • Provape

Provari (please note we will also complete this update for you)

Radius & P3 to v38

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