Wire for Vaping

Things to know about common rebuildable vaping wires:
Gauge – the inner diameter of the wire is commonly called the wire “gauge” and is noted as a numerical value. As the wire gauge increases, the wire diameter actually gets smaller.
Resistance – The more heat the wire generates, the more resistance it creates. Resistance varies by volume, diameter, and the length of wire. The longer the wire, the higher the overall resistance. Thinner wire has higher resistance than thicker wire.

Rebuildable Wire Types

Kanthal, it is the most commonly used wire and most common on all the coils in the market and it can be utilized with a regular device on regular power or volts mode.
Ni80 Nichrome, heats up and cools down faster than Kanthal, and has lower resistance. Widely recognized as “tastier” than Kanthal.
Nickel (NI200) wire, Very low resistance wire that varies when you apply current on it making it a reliable temperature control wire. This wire CANNOT be used in regular power mode.
Titanium Wire, works similar to Nickel with more consistent ramp up. This wire CANNOT be used in regular power mode.
Stainless Steel Wire, Can be used as both a TC and power wire.  Many agree SS wire tastes better !

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