Make The Change


Have you or a loved one ever wanted to quit smoking but not sure how to Make The Change? Well at Vapours Canada, The home of Canada E-Juice we are happy to offer the Make The Change Program. Simply bring in half a pack or more of cigarettes and crush them in front of our staff. We will provide you with a free starter kit that includes a bottle of E-Juice (flavor of your choosing) to get you vaping out the door! So what do you have to lose? Come in to Vapours Canada / Canada E-Juice for your free starter kit Today!

Our expert staff is here providing top notch advice and excellent service every step of the way! Take advantage of our tester station where you can try over 120 amazing ECTA approved e-juices. Your next favorite flavor is waiting for you!

We even accept request online! 
Create an account or log in and send us your story of quitting to get your Free Starter Kit*
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So come into one of our locations or contact us now!

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