House of Hybrids E-Cig Kits

Kabuki Quartz Replacement Glass

Kabuki Quartz Replacement Glass


Quartz Replacement glass for the Kabuki Tank! .....




***THIS TANK USES NAUTILUS COILS*** The Kabuki Tank... Convenience and flavor... Unsurpassed performance.  The sophisticated vaper isn't going to be bothered by the day to day grind of coiling an atomizer, the mess of dripping... the inc...

Kabuki Stainless Steel Replacement Glass

Kabuki Stainless Steel Replacement Glass


Stainless Steel Replacement tank for the Kabuki Tank! .....

510 - P3 Adapter

510 - P3 Adapter


Turn your P3 threaded Kabuki tank into 510 threaded! .....

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